Have you heard about Chronicle?

Born from X, Google’s “moonshot factory” intent on solving the world’s most intractable problems, Chronicle is a new company within Alphabet (Google’s parent company). Like Fishtech Group, Chronicle is dedicated to helping companies find and stop cyber attacks.

Giving good the advantage

Chronicle (which is architected over a private layer built on core Google infrastructure) brings unmatched speed and scalability to analyzing massive amounts of security telemetry. As a cloud service, it requires zero customer hardware, maintenance, tuning, or ongoing management. Built for a world that thinks in petabytes, Chronicle can support security analytics against the largest customer networks with ease.

Customers upload their security telemetry to a private instance within the Chronicle cloud platform, where it is automatically correlated to known threats based on proprietary and third-party signals embedded in each customer’s private dashboard.

How Chronicle protects your telemetry data

Chronicle has implemented several layers to prevent sharing your telemetry data with third parties. Each customer has its own Individual Privacy Agreement that forbids data sharing of any kind including with Google – who themselves are unable to access your Telemetry data.

Storage on Google’s core infrastructure
Chronicle inherits compute and storage capabilities as well the security design and capabilities of Google’s core infrastructure. The solution has its own cryptographic credentials for secure communication among those core components. Source code is stored centrally and kept secure and auditable. The infrastructure provides a variety of isolation techniques (firewalls, etc.) that protect Chronicle from other services running on the same machines.

The Chronicle services are restricted and can be accessed only by specific users or services. An identity management workflow system ensures that access rights are controlled and audited effectively.

Each customer’s Chronicle telemetry is kept private and encrypted. The core infrastructure operates a central key management service that supports automatic key rotation and provides extensive audit logs.

Chronicle is giving good the advantage. Cyderes is helping to deliver.

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