A new ransomware tactic is on the rise in the healthcare sector…

Cyderes experts recently published an Op-Ed in Becker’s Hospital Review that warns the healthcare sector of a new data extortion technique that could create delays in care delivery and data recovery. 

The healthcare sector has been an increasingly popular target for ransomware groups, whichunderlines how important it is for the industry to be aware of – and prepared for – the evolving tactics of threat actors.

One such evolution is data destruction, which was long rumored to be where ransomware was headed but had not been seen in the wild – until recently. 

Click here to read the Op-Ed and learn more about the steps the healthcare sector should take to focus on detection, response, and recovery. 

To read the full threat report by the Cyderes Special Operations and Stairwell Threat Research teams, click here

To learn more about why threat actors are experimenting with this new technique, and what it means for the broader threat landscape, watch this executive panel with leaders from Cyderes and Stairwell.

Learn more about this new ransomware tactic from our executive panel with leaders from Cyderes and Stairwell.


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