How to Make Cybersecurity Your Competitive Advantage

CISO Summit | On-Demand Recording

Cybersecurity is taking center stage right now. Now is the time to build your enterprise cybersecurity into an effective, resilient program that not only secures your enterprise, but drives your business forward. 

Join fellow CISOs in this on-demand panel discussion to hear how they transformed their cybersecurity programs into key business drivers.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage MSS to differentiate your business and drive outcomes
  • Key criteria when evaluating managed services or SOC augmentation
  • How to maximize investments with technology-enabled managed services

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Hear from fellow CISOs

Greg Hydro

Sr. Director, Chief Information Security Officer

Stephen Fridakis

Deputy Chief Information Security Officer

Lauren Dana Rosenblatt

Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer

Tune into the conversation

Listen to their stories and learn how to give your security program the edge you’re looking for.

Meet the Cyderes team

Connor McKenzie, Senior Vice President of Sales (moderator)

Connor Mckenzie is our SVP of Global Sales and has been with Cyderes over 8 years. As employee #1 in the US as we entered the market, Connor was a pivotal managed services expert for our customers/prospects to lean on to properly architect their security operations programs.

Eric Dowsland, Head of Customer Success

Eric Dowsland is the Head of Customer Success for Cyderes and is responsible for ensuring customers see value in service delivery. Eric brings 12+ years of experience building out MSSP programs for large Fortune 500 organizations. His expertise lies in delivering a full suite of cybersecurity operations, such as threat intel collection, content creation, insider threat activities, threat hunting, and incident response.

Jeremy Hehl, Regional Vice President Sales

Jeremy brings two decades of strong experience in threat intelligence, network management offerings, network security solutions, and Red Team engagements to enable customers to reach new heights of excellence in all areas of their security operations.