Cyderes CyberArk Impact Activity Guide

Welcome to the CyberArk Activity Guide

Please see below for all the details about our participation in events at and around CyberArk’s Impact Conference.

GOAL: To promote awareness of Cyderes Identity solutions (most notably our leading CyberArk services) generate new leads and engage with key clients and prospects to drive existing opportunities.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Enterprise decision-makers with budget authority over identity initiatives/security programs/architecture, most specifically around our CyberArk capabilities.

Key Messaging / Differentiators

Full Activities List

July 12CyberArk Partners Executive BriefingHynes Convention Center1:30 – 3:00 PMCyderes Internal AttendeesNO
July 12CyberArk Partner Networking ReceptionHynes Convention Center3:30 – 5:00 PMCyderes Internal AttendeesNO
Cheers Boston @ Beacon HillCyderes Private EventCheers Boston @ Beacon Hill8:00 – 10:00 PMCyderes Team & RSVP’sCheers Boston @ Beacon Hill
July 13RH Keynote Session (30 Min)Hynes Convention Center11:30 – 12:00 PMAll AttendeesYES
Invite them to attend the session
July 13CyberArk Impact PartyTBD7:00 PMAll AttendeesYES
Invite them to join you at the party
Cyderes Event (Not Official CyberArk Impact Event)

Wanting to attend CyberArk Impact? Please fill out the following approval form.

Cyderes Reps may attend Impact if they have either three small Clients attending and/or a large (>$400k) Client attending.  Please note the Clients you have attending.  We strongly recommend booking your Client with one or more of the Cyderes Leaders attending and bring them to the Cheers event on the 12th.

Travel, Passes, and Expense Intel:

Flight & Hotel Information: After approval via the form above, you may book your own flight to Boston via Concur. Next, you may book your own hotel – preference is Boston Marriott Copley Place where other executives are staying.

Pass Information: upon written approval from sales leadership (through the form above), marketing will put you into the sponsor system and you will receive an email from giving you private access to officially register.

Expense Policy: please remember to follow all legacy HG and FTG guidelines for expenses until updated guidance is given from Finance and HR teams.

Book a Meeting with Cyderes Leadership

Current Leadership in Attendance: Todd Musselman, Doug Chin, Chris Vermilya, John Poole, Roy Levy, Boris Zaidfield

Suite Available at the Sheraton Boston Hotel (0.3 miles from Hynes Convention Center) or if preferred here’s a list of nearby restaurants.

Please fill out the form below to request a meeting with a Cyderes leadership in attendance. After submission, our field marketing team will reach out to requested executive(s), confirm availability with you, and then sync the various parties with calendar invites and instructions.

Activities to invite clients / prospects:

Cheers and Beers with Cyderes
Cheers Boston at Beacon Hill
Tuesday, July 12th 8PM-10PM

Meet the Cyderes leadership team, network with industry peers, and discuss winning identity solutions for the modern enterprise. Hear how organizations are transforming their security operations in a constantly evolving threat landscape – all in the remodeled Cheers restaurant private room based on the set of the classic Cheers TV show.