Why Ransomware is Moving Towards Data Destruction – An Executive Panel with Cyderes and Stairwell

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Data destruction is rumored to be where ransomware is going to go, but we haven’t actually seen it in the wild… Until now. During a recent incident response, Cyderes and Stairwell discovered signs that threat actors are actively in the process of staging and developing this capability. In order to better illuminate the details of what we found, we gathered experts from our two organizations for a deeper discussion on our discovery.

Watch this executive panel with leaders from Cyderes and Stairwell to hear about our joint threat report on this new data extortion technique, and what that means for the broader threat landscape.

During the session, you’ll learn:

  • Key details from our joint threat report with Stairwell on these new ransomware techniques
  • Insights into our incident response and threat hunting processes
  • How to protect your organization from these threats and communicate the business implications to your leadership team

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