Why CNAP? 

The cybersecurity community is all too aware of the shortcomings of conventional SIEM tools. In particular, they often become ‘alert factories’ that lack context and actionable data, leaving analysts overwhelmed. In response, Cyderes has built CNAP, our award-winning technology stack for cyber-threat analysis, detection, and remediation.

CNAP is a proprietary SaaS offering built on Google Chronicle and the Google Cloud Platform. CNAP is an ideal GCP service for companies looking to replace legacy SIEM or implement next-gen security analytics, threat detection, and response capabilities. CNAP harnesses the power of Chronicle and extends and enhances its capabilities by layering on vital operational functionality to the Chronicle security analytics engine.

CNAP Solutions

CNAP Architecture Overview

  • Threat Detection Rules & Custom Parsers
  • Blue Team as a Service
  • Integrated Managed Deception & Managed Network Traffic Analysis

Key Benefits

Next-gen analytics, threat detection, and response

Investigation and Hunting

Sub-second latency, visual anomaly detection with up to 500% TCO advantage over other SIEM solutions.

Advanced Threat Detection

Sigma supports and 500+ rules mapped to ATT&CK.

Operational Workflow

Case management integration, dashboards, detailed playbooks with improved return on security investment (RoSI).

Compliance Reporting

OOTB coverage of industry/mandate requirements with higher analyst productivity metrics (caseload, TTD/TTI/TTR).

Optional Add-Ons

Managed services and orchestration, custom content. Expansion to managed services, orchestration, use case development.

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