Why Co-Managed Splunk? 

You have logs coming into your Splunk instance, but you’re not really creating any content with it. You don’t have the time, resources, or talent to maximize this tool. These are some of the challenges we have seen from our customers when they engage with our team. With our Co-Managed Splunk solution, Cyderes adds context and actionable intelligence to your Splunk security data. Through certified expertise, custom queries, cross-client correlation, and the Cyderes Splunk App, Cyderes is the go-to partner for Co-Managed Splunk.

Co-Managed Splunk Solutions

Advanced Correlation

  • Alerts processed through Cyderes SOAR platform are automatically de-duplicated, correlated, and enriched.
  • Reduces mean time to detect, notify, and respond.


  • Tune security policies and controls for optimal configurations.
  • Results in dynamic protection, reduced alerts, and improved performance.

Threat Informed Defense Strategy

  • Custom enterprise threat collection plan to evaluate available data sources.
  • Threat cases based on adversary mapping against MITRE ATT&CK Framework.
  • Benchmark security posture for continuous improvement and reporting on operationalized detection plan.

Key Benefits

Our Splunk solutions enable our customers to better detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks.

On-Boarding Cyderes Project Team

You will have a dedicated onboarding team including – a Project Manager serving as your primary point of contact during implementation and transition, a Customer Success Manager for transition support, a SIEM Engineer overseeing SIEM implementation and alert framework development, an EDR Engineer, and more.

Cyderes SOC Workflows and Playbooks

Utilize our workflows and playbooks to more efficiently triage and respond to EDR alerts.

Threat Strategy and Analytics

We enhance your detection capabilities with advanced adversary-based insights.

Security Analysis and Reporting

Live dashboards, standard operational reporting, and quarterly benchmarking, along with monthly summaries of security operations, including alerts, escalations, ticket closures, and service level agreements.

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