Why Cloud Security? 

Our Cloud Security Strategy Workshop is often the ideal engagement for clients just beginning to explore the cloud. This short engagement will involve working sessions with key business and technology leaders and will provide the client with three main takeaways:

  1. The specific risk landscape for their critical business applications in a cloud setting
  2. Quick wins that should be addressed first when it comes to cloud security
  3. The overall cloud security strategy

When a client is partially through their cloud adoption, a Cloud Security Architecture Assessment helps them understand the overall maturity and effectiveness of the security controls implemented in the cloud. It also assists them in defining future cloud use cases and provides a cloud security roadmap for future initiatives.

Our clients often need assistance defining their cloud use cases and developing an aligning cloud security references architecture. This service provides the people, processes, and technology elements that make up the security architecture required to protect a use case against identified threats and risks. All our services can be tailored to the specific needs of the individual client. Our standardized methodology allows us to deliver at a high level while providing customized outcomes.

Cloud Security Solutions

Our Cloud Security Offerings

  • Cloud Security Strategy Workshop
  • Cloud Security Architecture Assessment and Roadmap
  • Cloud Security Governance Workshop
  • Rapid Secure for Google Cloud Platform
  • GCP Security Command Center Adoption & Advisory
  • Microsoft 365 Security Assessment and Roadmap
  • Cloud Security Architecture Development and Adoption Services

Key Benefits

Ensuring your data is secure no matter where it sits.

Holistic Approach

A holistic approach that considers business drivers, risk, operational capabilities, and cloud technologies.

Flexible Delivery Approach

A flexible delivery approach that follows a standard methodology, allowing for scope customization while ensuring a consistent outcome.

Actionable Recommendations

Actionable recommendations that have an immediate impact on the client’s cloud security posture and risk exposure.

Cloud Security for the Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud and Cyderes have partnered to provide clients with an innovative solution to securing cloud workloads. In delivering that outcome, Cyderes has developed a series of services that enhance security in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and the broader digital ecosystem including Rapid Secure for Google Cloud, GCP Security Command Center Adoption & Advisory, and Cloud Security Architecture for GCP..

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