Why DFIR? 

Delays in response to cybersecurity incidents – from malicious software, compromised identities, or compromised systems – can mean intolerable damage to finances, systems, operations, and even corporate reputations.

The details of each response in each environment are unique; there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Cyderes brings world-class tools and a rigorous methodology, not a rigid playbook for your to follow. And we work with your existing security tool stack.

DFIR Solutions

Rapid Response

  • On-site support within 24 hours
  • Initial evaluation, detection, & analysis


  • Evidence collection or remediation
  • Support in return-to-normal operations
  • Post-incident review, including controls reviews, actions for improvement

Key Benefits

Timely and strategic responses to security incidents, reducing recovery times, cost, and damage

24/7 Availability

24/7 availability and on-site response to contain, eradicate, or remediate.

Root-Cause ID

Root-cause identification and analysis of security incident/

Forensics & Analysis

Digital forensics and analysis including evidence collection.

Incident Containment

Business operations support and incident containment.

Post-Incident Reviews

Post-incident executive briefings and controls reviews.

Retainer Services

Retainer services: table-top exercises, incident response planning, managed services, advisory services, and identity services.

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