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Identity & Access Management


Enterprises can house up to millions of identities, each with unique access needs that fluctuate based on business requirements. Organizations are vulnerable to commercial, brand, and financial risks without a single view of all identities and their access rights.

Why IGA?

Cyderes’ IGA professional services can help your business intuitively grant the correct access to the right people at the right time across all digital assets – regardless of whether they are on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

IGA Solution Approach

Assess & Plan

Cyderes will assess the IGA posture’s current and desired states and will examine the current IGA solution’s health.

Our team will then develop an IGA strategy/roadmap, aligned with business goals, and identify and prioritize key applications to be on-boarded to the IGA solution.


Cyderes will conduct discovery and requirement workshops with business and technology owners. 

Our team will define the architecture and solution design of the IGA platform, along with source-app integration standards and methodologies.


Cyderes will oversee IGA installation, configuration/upgrade, integration with authoritative sources to build identity warehouse, and integration with high-risk access applications for visibility on who has access to what.

Our team will lead the charge of the development of critical IAM business processes like lifecycle management and access recertification, as well as enablement of password management for quick ROI. 


Cyderes will assist with routine operational activities like health monitoring, ticket/incident management, patching, and updates for the IGA solution. 

Our team will set up the process to integrate apps with the IGA solution.

Why Cyderes?

Reduce identity risk, boost productivity, and achieve compliance – even as digital accesses are exploding across your organization.

Comprehensive Expertise

Cyderes has deep experience developing and strengthening IGA governance, including roadmap and strategy plans, standards, RACI charts, and prioritization/risk models

Flexible Approach

Our team has the ability to design and implement robust and scalable mover/joiner/leaver processes for employees and contractors


We provide excellence in designing and integrating SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulatory-specific applications to control and manage access

Scalable Solutions

Our team has extensive experience in onboarding applications with fully automated capabilities, at scale