World Class Security Operations for the Modern Enterprise

Cyderes is emerging as one of the most dynamic managed security services providers in the world with six global Security Operations Centers, top technology partners, and a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts. 

100% Cybersecurity Focused

We concentrate on securing your organization, so you can focus on your business while we handle your threats.

Speed & Agility Across Multi-Technology, Complex Environments

Our cyber experts support the world’s largest banks, gaming companies, and utility providers, offering customized and flexible solutions. 

Award-Winning Expertise 

Bringing together the best of two award-winning cybersecurity organizations, Herjavec Group and Fishtech Group, along with partnerships with best-of-breed providers, we’re built to protect across any security stack. 

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions 

With offerings spanning Managed Security Services, Identity & Access Management, and wide-ranging Professional Advisory Services, we have solutions to meet the needs of any enterprise worldwide. 

Managed Security Services

Co-Managed Splunk

With our Co-Managed Splunk offering, one of our flexible service delivery models, we utilize your licenses and implement a shared resource model to bolster your security program.

Enterprise Managed Detection & Response (EMDR)

Our flagship EMDR service provides centralized 24×7 detection and response capabilities. This comprehensive, human-led and machine-driven security-as-a-service operation supplies the people, process, and technology needed to manage cybersecurity risks, detect threats and respond to incidents in real-time.

Cloud Security Operations Center (CSOC)

Our cloud-native security service provides complete protection for an organization’s infrastructure, applications and data running in the cloud – whether it uses AWS, GCP, Azure or a combination of those environments. CSOC offers end-to-end security, from 24×7 threat monitoring and incident response to visibility and compliance reporting. 

Cloud Native Analytics Platform (CNAP)

CNAP is a cloud native cybersecurity platform specifically designed to overcome long-standing SIEM hurdles in meeting SOC goals and operational metrics. CNAP provides comprehensive threat detection, investigation, and workflow along with rich reporting for compliance use cases. CNAP is powered by and built entirely on GCP and Chronicle, Google’s security analytics offering. 


With our SOC-as-a-Service offering, one of our flexible service delivery models, licenses and resources are all maintained by our team. SOC-as-a-Service is a complete service solution.

Hybrid Delivery

With our Hybrid Delivery offering, one of our flexible service delivery models, our resources are confirmed on-site or off-site. Our Hybrid Delivery model acts as a dedicated extension of your team.

Professional Services

Security Strategy

Security Strategy helps clients develop successful security programs across the entire cybersecurity lifecycle by first understanding their current security posture, then seeing how they can mature to a desired target resiliency across people, processes and technology. 

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Proactive incident response (IR) services and immediate deployment of trained investigators under our retainer and rapid/emergency response services for IR investigation, containment and resolution of threats. 

Cloud Security

Our Cloud Security practice helps clients assess their cloud security maturity and develop a strategy for closing the gaps between their current state and their desired target state, as well as developing and deploying secure cloud architectures. 

Security Operations – SIEM & SOAR

Cyderes’ SIEM & SOAR practice takes a tailored, collaborative approach to laying out and executing a plan for moving client SIEM and SOAR environments towards a gapless, highly mature security footprint. 

Endpoint Security & Network Security

We provide clients with services around endpoint protection, offering program maturity assessments, architecture development and implementation. We help clients along their hybrid infrastructure journey by providing advice and expertise with assessing, architecting, designing, integrating and mitigating risks around digital and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Offensive Security

Helps clients with testing their ICT landscape across people, processes and technology through penetration testing, red-team exercises, social engineering, vulnerability assessments and configuration reviews. 

Identity & Access Management

IAM Program Advisory

IAM assessment, strategy, roadmap, and program strategy alignment; IAM steering committee design; metrics and KPIs; solution optimization (on-prem, cloud, hybrid); technology selection.

Identity Governance

Risk-based certifications and access reviews; role- and attribute-based access controls (RBAC/ABAC); segregation of duties policy and protocols.

Identity Data

Directory services (AD/Azure AD, LDAP, database); authoritative sources (analysis, sanitization and standardization); groups, profiles, roles, attributes (centralized, decentralized). 

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Privileged account identification and dispositioning; account vaulting and credential rotation; privileged session management and monitoring; secrets management, DevOps and DevSecOps; third-party privileged account access.

Authentication & Access Management

Single sign-on; multi-factor authentication; situationally and contextually based access control; enterprise access policy; customer IAM.

User Lifecycle Management 

Joiner/mover/leaver policy and procedure; automated provisioning and deprovisioning; access request and approval policy and workflow; third-party user lifecycle. 

Advanced Analytics

Data collection infrastructure; case management (open, assign, remediate, close); decision processing (normal vs. anomalies, policy-driven, AI/ML); alert management. 

“Make cybersecurity your competitive advantage” 

Our managed security solutions are ready to meet all your evolving business needs. 

Gain the necessary tools to proactively hunt for the latest threats 

Improve cybersecurity ROI

Increase your visibility of security operations and understand your risk exposure 

Securely enable your hybrid workforce

Extend your in-house team through expert-level support and best-of-breed technology

Stay on top of compliance requirements and rapidly changing business demands

Your trusted partner

“Having a support structure to minimize the movement of a lot of pieces that a typical in-house SOC managed service would have to do enabled us to focus on how we optimized our day-to-day risks.”

Steven Ramirez – CISO

Testimonial Sunnybrook Bg

“Having Cyderes as a trusted security advisor gives us peace of mind at the foundation. It’s really great knowing that you have an expert at your disposal to help you through any questions or concerns that you might have around your cybersecurity.”

Wayne Cox –  Senior Manager, Information Systems

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Testimonial Mogo Bg

“The detail, the statement of work that we got, we knew exactly what we were expecting, and they let us know exactly what they were expecting from us. From our board of directors right down to our frontline staff, everybody’s talking about our security on a daily basis. Cyderes has been a great partner of ours, and it’s not just an annual ‘you guys show up and do your security assessment’; it’s an ongoing relationship.”

Mike Steven – Former VP of IT Infrastructure and Support

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Testimonial Goldcorp Bg

“We want to share everything that happened to us so people can defend and look, the more that companies work together to share information and we share over security data.the safer we arll are. Relying on authorities alone is not enough. I mean, we need to do our part. I want to make sure that our companies are more secure and that we’re putting the right technologies and the right partnerships in place to make sure that when these things happen, you can respond immediately.”

Luis Canepari – Senior VP, Chief Information Officer

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