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Cyderes Announces Acquisition of Ipseity Security - Read Full Release 

Professional Services


Outcome-driven engagements assess your current security posture and provide a prioritized roadmap to improve security and reduce risk across the enterprise.

Why Security Strategy?

A mature information security program will have well-documented, actionable, and measurable processes. Cyderes helps build security risk management programs to provide a proactive approach that can assist organizations in managing risk while securing their environments.

Security Strategy Solutions

Current State Posture Analysis

The current state posture analysis looks at your security program to determine its maturity. Once the maturity is known, a program to address any identified weaknesses or issues will be created.

The assessment aims to provide the direction so that your security program manages information risk to the organization’s level of risk acceptance.

Regulatory and Legislative Compliance Reviews

Cyderes works with your security, compliance/audit, and other stakeholders for regulatory and legislative compliance reviews to identify the regulations and legislation the organization must achieve.

Once identified, we review the organization’s security to identify any gaps or other issues that impact achieving compliance. A remediation roadmap will address the gaps and weaknesses as with other assessments.

Risk Management Program

A risk management program is an activity shared across an organization to limit risk. An information risk management program provides guidance for other functional areas to gain a broader perspective about information security risk management issues and guide them to address these issues in their area.

An information security risk management program provides a proactive approach that can assist organizations in managing risk while securing the environment.

Services Snapshot Video: Security Strategy (Jason Harris)

Learn more from our VP of Security Strategy Jason Harris.

Key Benefits

Cyderes takes a tailored, collaborative approach to laying out and executing a plan for moving client environments towards a gapless, highly mature security footprint.


Current State Posture Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment


NIST CSF, ISO 27001, Regulatory and Legislative Compliance


Strategic Staffing & vCISO as a Service


Policy Governance Framework Analysis