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NEW RELEASE: Cyderes Publishes DARC4 Labs Threat Landscape 2024 Report - Download


Cyderes Professional Services offers a wide range of solutions for enterprise cybersecurity programs - no matter what size or level of maturity. Our specialized teams have decades of experience assessing cybersecurity postures, mitigating incidents, and guiding our enterprise clients toward solutions that strengthen their security.

Why Cyderes Professional Services?

We have hired world-class consultants and professional services experts to help:

  • Provide well-rounded evaluation, development, and implementation of a wide range of cybersecurity services.
  • Recover value in cases of cyberattacks, while improving response capabilities.
  • Give guidance and prioritization toward outcomes that make business sense.

Our solutions are crafted around a listen-first approach that puts your needs at the forefront and allows for continued maturation for your security program. Learn more about our Professional Services offerings.

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Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR)

Proactive incident response (IR) services and immediate deployment of trained investigators under our retainer and rapid/emergency response services for IR investigation, containment, and resolution of threats.

Security Operations - SIEM & SOAR

Cyderes’ SIEM & SOAR practice takes a tailored, collaborative approach to laying out and executing a plan for moving client SIEM and SOAR environments toward a gapless, highly mature security footprint.

Endpoint Security & Network Security

Our services provide clients with services around endpoint protection, offering program maturity assessments, architecture development and implementation. We help clients along their hybrid infrastructure journey by providing advice and expertise with assessing, architecting, designing, integrating, and mitigating risks around digital and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Offensive Security

Our services help clients test their ICT landscape across people, processes, and technology through penetration testing, red-team exercises, social engineering, insider risk capability improvements, vulnerability assessments, and configuration reviews.

Cloud Security

Our Cloud Security practice helps clients assess their cloud security maturity and develop a strategy for closing the gaps between their current state and their desired target state, as well as developing and deploying secure cloud architectures.

Security Strategy

Security Strategy helps clients develop successful security programs across the entire cybersecurity lifecycle by first understanding their current security posture, then seeing how they can mature to a desired target resiliency across people, processes, and technology.