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Identity & Access Management


Privileged Access Management, or PAM, is a set of security controls that help organizations protect and manage their sensitive accounts from cyberattacks. PAM is essential to an organization’s cyber health to avoid data breaches, steep financial losses, and a damaged reputation.

Why Cyderes PAM Services?

Cyderes’ PAM Services go beyond a simple vulnerability scan and technical solution offering. We provide the precise mix of expertise, processes, and best-of-breed technologies that enable you to identify, secure, manage, and audit all human and non-human privileged identities in your organization.

PAM Solutions

Protect & Manage Privileged Accounts

We develop and strengthen your PAM governance through roadmap and strategy plans, standards, RACI charts, and prioritization/risk models.

Our team of security experts has deep experience in large, multi-vendor environments with the design, architecture, review, and deployment of PAM solutions. 

Confidently Grant Access

Securely grant necessary privileged access to internal and external parties

We work with IT and business administrators to define the scope of privileged access and accounts that require securing and set strategy to deploy the correct solutions.

Reduce Risk with Best Practices

We leverage proven and industry-leading workflows to manage application credentials within best-of-breed PAM technology.

Cyderes can deploy the optimal solution, created to manage privileged accounts and remote vendors by providing just-in-time privileges using multi-factor authentication.

Cyderes PAM Approach

Learn more about our approach to Privileged Access Management


We provide privileged account discovery and risk assessment, assessment of effective use of Privileged Access Management solutions, threat modeling assessment, and health check of PAM solutions


We will oversee the development of the strategy and roadmap to deploy the PAM technology

Design & Build

Our team will develop PAM standards, risk models, playbooks, procedures, and training. Our team will also oversee PAM installation and upgrades. Integration with third-party applications


We will provide ongoing operation and management of your PAM solution, as well as remediation and onboarding of accounts into the PAM technology