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Identity & Access Management


Seamlessly transition from an existing service supplier to a robust global delivery service. Cyderes offers 24/7 availability and continuous service optimization and investment.

Why Cyderes Manual Provisioning?

Cyderes employs a customer-first approach and has implemented a tailored, robust assurance framework to ensure the delivery of critical feedback and evidence to remediate audit findings.

Manual Provisioning Solutions

Audit and Compliance

Cyderes owns and manages all audit activities associated with service, from providing feedback and evidence to remediating audit findings.

Reputation of Existing Service Delivery Team

Cyderes employs a customer-first approach, working in partnership and across groups and levels while maintaining an approachable relationship from top to bottom.

The Cyderes team has instilled this philosophy in its interactions with its customers, so they know Cyderes understands the importance of logical thinking while still adhering to policy and processes.

Recovering from Turnover

Cyderes has implemented large-scale teams with a consistent onboarding approach for all new joiners. The team regularly maintains documentation, updating and creating as needed.

Senior team members mentor newer members so they learn the intricacies of the customer’s business to provide better, more efficient coverage throughout normal service hours and peaks in service.

Key Benefits


Global 24/7 operation supporting an SLA/KPI-driven service


Regular reporting and trend analysis on service health and quality


A robust and tailored approach to meet customers’ audit and compliance needs


Systematic insights and assistance with efficiency and optimization of security operations