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Professional Services


Using real-world adversarial tactics, Cyderes’ Offensive Security services - from network and wireless penetration testing to advanced red teaming - help clients secure their network, data, wireless, and critical business processes against potential threats.

Why Offensive Security?

Cyderes’ comprehensive offensive security portfolio solves complex problems by providing a deep breadth of advisory, consulting, and technological services to secure your most prized assets. More than a service, however, Cyderes Offensive Security is a partner that works closely with your team to design a bespoke program aligned with your organization’s infrastructure, requirements, and business goals.

Offensive Security Solutions

Attack & Penetration Testing
  • External & Internal Network Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Cloud Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Vulnerability Assessment
  • Social Engineering (Phishing and Vishing)
  • Pentesting-as-a-Service (PAS)
Red Teaming
  • Purple Teaming
  • Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS)
  • Capture the Flag Exercises
  • Attack Surface Management (ASM)
  • Insider Risk Simulation
  • Physical Security Testing
  • Crimson Coach Red Team Development
  • AI-Centric Security (ACES)
  • Threat Vulnerability Remediation Management (TVRM)
  • Accelerated Adversary-Mapped Posture (A²MP)

Services Snapshot: Offensive Security (John Ayers)

Learn more about our Offensive Security practice from our SVP of Professional Services John Ayers.

Cyderes Offensive Security Approach

No matter your requirements, Cyderes can help manage the chaos around modern security with a workflow management platform that improves and centralizes processes across the entire cybersecurity lifecycle.


We will assess your current state to establish a security baseline.


We will then close gaps in the security baseline and maximize overall security posture.


Finally, we continuously bolster controls and reduce risk in an ongoing adherence to Continuous Security Assurance.

Cyderes Cross-Practice Remediation

Post-incident review, including controls reviews and actions for improvement.