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Identity & Access Management


As a SailPoint Delivery Admiral Partner, Cyderes is one of the leading delivery partners for SailPoint implementation and Managed Services. Cyderes can help your business intuitively grant the correct access to the right people at the right time across all digital assets, either on-premises or in the cloud.  

Enterprises house hundreds, thousands, and even millions of identities. Each identity needs different system access that fluctuates based on business requirements. Without a singular view of all identities and their access rights, organizations become vulnerable to commercial, financial and security. When you place identity security at the core, you ensure the safety of your organizations assets and infrastructure. 

Why Cyderes + SailPoint? 

Cyderes, a long-term strategic global SailPoint partner, has successfully delivered multiple large-scale IGA programs.

Together, Cyderes and SailPoint can help modernize your Identity Governance platform across the enterprise with a variety of solutions. 
Certified SailPoint Architects and Consultants
SailPoint Deployments
Applications Integrated
Identities Managed

Cyderes + SailPoint Solutions

Take control of identities everywhere by connecting to your entire digital ecosystem through hundreds of SailPoint application connectors.

With hundreds of connectors available, SailPoint ensures you can manage and secure identities across a wide range of platforms, applications, and services, providing you with a unified and efficient identity governance solution.

Improve time to value with faster integration to applications and data using Cyderes’ application onboarding factory framework. 

This innovative framework streamlines the process of connecting and managing new applications and data sources, reducing the complexity and time traditionally required for integration. This enhanced efficiency not only accelerates deployment but also minimizes disruptions, enabling your teams to focus on strategic initiatives and drive business growth.

Automate and simplify identity security at scale by streamlining identity processes such as JML, access requests, and access re-certifications. 

Enhance operational efficiency and reduce the risk of security breaches by leveraging advanced automation tools to ensure consistent and accurate identity management across your entire organization.

Reduce helpdesk cost and OPEX by automating processes or providing self service capabilities. 

Empower users to independently manage their access needs, reducing reliance on IT support and enabling your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Make user access reviews fast, simple, and accurate to reduce rubber stamping through intelligent recommendations. 

Key Benefits


IGA Solution Architecture, Design, and Implementation

We provide full IGA implementation services on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. 


Flexible Offering 

We meet you where you are in your IGA program journey with a collaborative, effective teaming culture. 


Automated Access Provisioning 

Speed up your access provisioning with SailPoint solutions. 


Reports & Analytics 

We take a data-centered approach to improve IGA programs. 

Cyderes is a SailPoint Delivery Admiral Partner

4 Years In A Row

SailPoint Delivery Admirals achieve the award based on their proven ability to deliver multiple, successful implementations with highly referenceable and satisfied customers.