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Managed Services


Our cloud-native security service provides complete protection for an organization’s infrastructure, applications, and data running in the cloud – whether it uses AWS, GCP, Azure or a combination. CSOC offers end-to-end security, from 24×7 threat monitoring and incident response to visibility and compliance reporting.


Cyderes’ Cloud Security Operations Center (CSOC) service enables customers to proactively manage cloud security risk, minimize their attack surface, and improve their overall security posture. CSOC allows clients to control cloud environments while automating and enforcing security controls – regardless of what tools are deployed.

CSOC Solutions

Cyderes Solutions
  • 24/7 monitoring, detection, triage, and response to cloud-native threats Assigned customer success manager. Optional DFIR retainer
  • DevOps guidance and support on industry best practices
  • Cloud security and DevOps experts combined with leading cloud security tools delivered as a service. Provides visibility, protection, detection, and response for cloud infrastructure.
  • Extends programs beyond the perimeter, bringing the power of our solution to bear on cloud providers, with leading cloud security solutions and experts to drive them.
Technical Assistance
  • Deployment, management, and tuning of industry-grade platforms. Leveraging platform tools, including CSPM and CWP.
  • Security compliance reporting and active monitoring supporting AWS, Azure, GCP, and Alibaba. Ongoing correlation rule tuning and report design and delivery.

Key Benefits

Cloud-native security services providing visibility, protection, detection, and response in the cloud.

Manage Cloud Security Risk

Enables customers to proactively manage cloud security risk, minimize attack surface, and improve overall security posture.

Leverage Industry-Grade Platforms

Leverages industry-grade platforms including Google Security Command Center Premium (SCCP), Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud, Microsoft, Lacework, and more.

Control of Cloud Environments

Informs and allows clients to control cloud environments.

Automate Security Controls & Maintain Compliance

Automates and enforces security controls in the cloud. Helps organizations maintain compliance with existing and new regulations.