Why Endpoint & Network Security? 

Our integrated team has over 180 years of combined experience within the endpoint and network disciplines, and expertise across multiple platforms while remaining technology agnostic. We’re laser-focused on customer success and innovation, working collaboratively with your team to provide the highest levels of service and optimal outcomes.

Our services are tailored to best meet our customers’ needs regardless of the industry vertical or their security maturity level. We are committed to making your enterprise more secure while helping to ensure compliance with applicable industry and regional standards

Endpoint & Network Security Solutions

Bolster Your Security Program

  • Implementation and Architecture
  • Assessment and Consultancy
  • Solution Comparisons
  • Migration and Displacement Services
  • Endpoint and Server Protection
  • Network Protection
  • Data Protection
  • Training

Key Benefits

Cyderes consultants will ensure your security products are effectively deployed, integrated, assessed, and optimized in alignment with your organization’s security strategy.

Implementation & Architecture

Cyderes’s Endpoint & Network Services team has expertise in enterprise security architecture and installation. We offer security technology solutions to solve your most complex operational challenges.

Assessment & Consultancy

Whether a health check, maturity assessment, bespoke assessment, or a holistic security assessment, Cyderes has the expertise to assess, advise, and provide consultancy to meet your security requirements.

Solution Comparisons

Cyderes works directly with security solution vendors and their products to evaluate and ensure your chosen solution is the correct one for you. Cyderes will work closely with your team to establish the testing criteria that the products will be evaluated against. Cyderes is vendor agnostic, and we have partnered with many best-of-breed vendors. From testing the effectiveness of EDR solutions to stress testing network appliances in our custom labs, Cyderes can accommodate all your evaluation needs.

Endpoint & Server Protection

Our team has extensive knowledge with endpoint protection/anti-malware and EDR solutions, as well as CASB, application control, database activity monitoring, host intrusion prevention, host firewalls, and private cloud security solutions. We will work with your team to plan the requirements for implementing, tuning or assessing the required solution. Where required, Cyderes will document the results of the engagement.

Network Protection

Similarly, Cyderes has extensive knowledge of multiple firewalls, intrusion prevention/detection, and web gateway solutions. We will work with your team to plan the requirements for implementing, tuning, or assessing the solution. Where required, the results of the engagement will be documented, including details of the implementation or findings and recommendations for future improvements or optimizations.

Data Protection

Cyderes has extensive knowledge in designing and implementing data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, CASB, file integrity monitoring, and encryption solutions. We will work with your team(s) to establish data protection and monitoring requirements and will also discuss the capabilities and limitations of the solutions being considered within the engagement.


To gain maximum value from your solutions, you need trained staff to configure and manage them efficiently and effectively. Cyderes offers hands-on product training and knowledge transfer to help you design, implement, configure, and manage your solutions. This training is designed around your specific requirements to meet the needs of the target audience.

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