Cybersecurity Conversations Report

A guide to leading the conversation around cyber with the C-suite

In recent years, perception of cybersecurity has started to shift across enterprises of all sizes, with leaders embracing security initiatives at the board level rather than confining them to IT.

To truly drive impact within their organization, however, security leaders must evolve to take a security-oriented approach to the business, focus resources more strategically, and make it a priority to connect with leaders from across the organization.

Download the Cybersecurity Conversations report to discover how to mature your security program and lead the conversation around cyber with your board.

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Our annual Cybersecurity Conversations Report is dedicated to the discussions to have with your executive teams to mature your security program and stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. Download the report to learn how to:

Embrace automation to modernize your SOC

Engage offensive security to identify your greatest risks

Make the business case for your security program

Security leaders finally have a seat at the table – make good use of your time there.