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The Power of Pentesting as-a-Service

Find out how Attack Surface Management, Recurring Penetration Testing, and On-Demand Penetration Testing — Pentesting as-a-Service (PAS), can take your organization’s cybersecurity to the next level. 

Article contributed by David Webster, Offensive Security Team Lead at Cyderes

In our fast-paced digital world, where cybersecurity threats are lurking around every virtual corner, it’s crucial to stay one step ahead of potential attackers. It’s safe to say that most everyone reading this knows what a penetration test is and what value it provides. Today, many organizations perform regular annual penetration tests for any number of reasons (e.g., compliance requirements, validation of security controls, general security awareness, etc.). But what about the other 300+ days of the year? Those annual “point-in-time” penetration tests fail to address the ever-evolving security threats that emerge, almost daily, during the time between tests. 

To address this critical gap, Cyderes’ Offensive Security team has created an exciting new service to provide a more comprehensive and ongoing assessment of your organization’s assets and overall security posture.  

Picture this: a top-notch team of skilled hackers, working tirelessly to probe the defenses of your organization’s digital infrastructure. With three powerful components — Attack Surface Management, Recurring Penetration Testing, and On-Demand Penetration Testing — Pentesting as-a-Service, or PAS, is designed to take your organization’s cybersecurity to the next level. 

The Wholly Trinity

The true value of PAS lies within the combination and interaction of all three components, where each reinforces and complements the others. This purpose-built, harmonious approach empowers organizations to tackle cybersecurity challenges comprehensively and confidently. Let’s dive in and explore the value that each brings to the table. 

Attack Surface Management: Unmasking the Unseen

To start, let’s talk about Attack Surface Management (ASM). Remember the good ol’ days when you could secure your castle with a sturdy gate and a couple of guards? Well, those days are long gone. With the advent of complex digital ecosystems, companies’ attack surfaces have expanded exponentially, making them vulnerable to cyber threats spawned from the darkest corners of the internet. 

Enter PAS and its ASM component. This invaluable service not only provides insights into your organization’s attack surface, but also suggests effective remediation strategies to fortify your castle and defend against the new “Many Ways In, Many Ways Out” reality. With renewed visibility and prioritization, you can rest easy knowing your organization’s attack surface is continually being scrutinized. 

Recurring Penetration Testing: Proactive Defense via Offense 

Just as you schedule regular health checkups to ensure your body is in top-notch condition, a penetration testing program provides routine security assessments on your systems and controls. However, Recurring Penetration Testing (RPT), takes it up a notch! 

Once per quarter, a team of skilled pentesters will unleash their creativity while attempting to breach your defenses. By engaging in these simulated attacks, RPT uncovers vulnerabilities from an attacker’s perspective that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. It’s like playing a high-stakes game of chess, where the hackers test your organization’s resilience. The goal? To stay one step ahead of real-world adversaries by giving you the opportunity to patch vulnerabilities and tighten your digital fortress before they can strike. 

On-Demand Penetration Testing: When You Need a Hero 

Life is unpredictable, and so are cyber threats. Sometimes, immediate assistance is required. That’s where the third component of PAS, On-Demand Penetration Testing (ODPT), comes into play. Whether you’re rolling out a new software application, updating your systems, going through merger or acquisition, or responding to a specific emerging threat, ODPT provides an agile and responsive security assessment when you need it most. 

ODPT offers unparalleled flexibility, adapting to your organization’s unique needs. Think of it like having your very own cybersecurity SWAT team on speed dial, ready to step in at a moment’s notice to ensure your security remains rock-solid as cyber risk continues to evolve. 

Value Beyond the Chaos 

In a world where hackers constantly hone their skills and develop new attack vectors, relying solely on outdated security measures is a recipe for disaster. By embracing a proactive approach with the power of PAS, organizations gain a strategic advantage: they can identify weak points in their defenses, address them promptly, and build robust security frameworks. 

With its three core components — Attack Surface Management, Recurring Penetration Testing, and On-Demand Penetration Testing PAS empowers organizations to embrace digital innovation without fearing what may be lurking in its shadows. PAS helps to foster a culture of continuous improvement, and equips organizations to face the always-shifting landscape of cyber threats. With each engagement, companies become more resilient — ultimately building trust with their customers, partners, and stakeholders. 

So, why wait? Contact us to sign up or learn more. With PAS, your organization can forge ahead, confidently conquering the digital landscape! 

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In this enlightening webinar, our Offensive Security experts delve deep into the groundbreaking rise of generative AI and explored the possible implications of malicious actors exploiting this potent tool, and how you can safeguard your security practices. Watch now to gain invaluable insights to bolster your security practices. 

Before you go… 

You should also know that the Cyderes OffSec team has 20 years of combined cybersecurity experience and holds Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Virtual Hacking Labs (VHL), GIAC Penetration Tester, and more! Our listen-first approach ensures that your organization’s needs are prioritized, fostering the continued maturation of your security program.

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