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Cyderes CEO Robert Herjavec Discusses Latest Exmatter Threat Intelligence in TD Ameritrade Network Interview

An emerging ransomware tactic is making waves in the industry. Learn more from Cyderes CEO Robert Herjavec on TD Ameritrade Network.

A quick look at new ransomware tactics

Cyderes CEO Robert Herjavec recently sat down for a live interview with Nicole Petallides from the TD Ameritrade Network at the New York Stock Exchange to discuss the findings of our latest joint threat intelligence report we recently released with our partner Stairwell.

The report highlights signs of a new data extortion technique that shows threat actors may leverage Exmatter to destroy rather than encrypt data. You can read more on our groundbreaking discovery with Stairwell in our latest Threat Advisory.

Learn more about this discovery, Robert’s outlook on cybersecurity, and his thoughts on cryptocurrency in the full TD Ameritrade Network interview below.

Read the full report: “Exmatter Points to Potential Future of Data Extortion”

Want to go a layer deeper with our threat research? Click below to read our full threat advisory.

Take the first step in transforming your cybersecurity program

Enterprise security teams are adapting to meet evolving business needs. With six global Security Operations Centers, emerging technology partners and a dedicated team of security specialists, Cyderes is well-positioned to be your organization’s trusted advisor in cybersecurity. We’ll help you understand your risk exposure, increase your visibility and ROI, and proactively hunt for the latest threats.