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Cyderes CEO Robert Herjavec Joins SC Media’s Podcast “Business Security Weekly” to Discuss the Latest in Cybersecurity

Hear Cyderes CEO Robert Herjavec talk about the latest in cybersecurity on SC Media’s podcast “Business Security Weekly”

Mergers and Acquisitions, Cyber Market Outlook, Nation-State Threats, and More!

Cyderes CEO Robert Herjavec recently attended InfoSec World 2022 as the keynote speaker discussing the momentum we continue to see in the cybersecurity industry. To further expand upon that keynote, Robert joined hosts Matt Alderman, Jason Albuquerque, and Tyler Robinson for episode #282 of SC Media’s Podcast “Business Security Weekly”. In this episode, they discuss mergers & acquisitions, Robert’s outlook on the cyber market, staffing shortages, and nation-state threats.

You can find the video version of the interview below. Enjoy!

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Take the first step in transforming your cybersecurity program

Enterprise security teams are adapting to meet evolving business needs. With six global Security Operations Centers, emerging technology partners and a dedicated team of security specialists, Cyderes is well-positioned to be your organization’s trusted advisor in cybersecurity. We’ll help you understand your risk exposure, increase your visibility and ROI, and proactively hunt for the latest threats.