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Cyderes is Awarded “Partner of the Year” by Google Cloud Security

Learn about the game-changing partnership between Cyderes and Google Cloud Security.

Cyderes has been named the Google Cloud Security “Partner of the Year”

In January during the Cyderes Evolve cybersecurity summit in Las Vegas, Google Cloud Global Vice President of Cyber Security Sales Dom Delfino presented Jason Sloderbeck, Cyderes VP of Worldwide Channels, with the prestigious award.

Cyderes began a game-changing partnership with Google in 2019, working with Chronicle, then a subsidiary of Google parent Alphabet Inc, later folding into Google Cloud Security.

Then Fishtech Group, one half of the now merged Cyderes, the company was one of only four companies Chronicle tapped as initial partners to be trained and licensed to deliver managed detection and response services for Chronicle’s new Backstory security platform.

“We just saw an enormous uptick in opportunities once we started working with Chronicle,” said Fishtech CEO Gary Fish, now Cyderes Chairman of the Board.

Just a few months later, Herjavec Group, the other half of the now merged Cyderes, became the first service provider across Canada to leverage and become certified in Chronicle’s security intelligence products: Backstory and VirusTotal. Herjavec Group was designated as the Security Provider of Choice to bring the emerging Chronicle toolset, now part of Google Cloud, to enterprises across Canada.

Fishtech Group and Herjavec Group came together to form Cyderes in December of 2021 and became an even greater powerhouse with unmatched global expertise in Google Cloud Security’s Chronicle. Cyderes has continued to develop products and services in-house to leverage the incredible capabilities of Chronicle and the broader suite of Google Cloud Security offerings throughout the entirety of 2022, most notably with the Cyderes Cloud Native Analytics Platform (CNAP).

CNAP is a proprietary SaaS offering built on Google Chronicle and the Google Cloud Platform. CNAP is an ideal GCP service for companies looking to replace legacy SIEM or implement next-gen security analytics, threat detection, and response capabilities. CNAP harnesses the power of Chronicle and extends and enhances its capabilities by layering on vital operational functionality to the Chronicle security analytics engine.

We are honored to be recognized by Google Cloud Security, and we look forward to our continued partnership to give good the advantage in the modern cyber landscape.

Take a look at a few photos from the award presentation below.