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Cyderes Awarded CyberArk's 2023 North American Partner of the Year

Cyderes honored as CyberArk's 2023 North American Partner of the Year.

Cyderes Awarded CyberArk's 2023 North American Partner of the Year 

Earlier this year, Cyderes was named CyberArk's "2023 North American Partner of the Year". This prestigious accolade underscores Cyderes' commitment to excellence in Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions, including unrivaled depth and capabilities with Privileged Access Management (PAM) in both cloud, and on-prem. 

Since the partnership's inception, Cyderes has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to driving customer value and security through leveraging CyberArk's innovative solutions. As evidence of this dedication, several Cyderes employees have achieved the prestigious certification of CyberArk Guardian. Holders of this certification demonstrate advanced skills with the various CyberArk solutions, knowledge of CyberArk systems, and the ability to combine organizational architecture and identity security solutions.  

As a CyberArk Advanced Partner, one of the leading delivery partners for CyberArk implementation and managed services, Cyderes boasts 5 certified CyberArk Guardians, 25+ certified CyberArk consultants, and 250+ CyberArk deployments. Meeting the highest level of program requirements, Cyderes has proven execution and success with CyberArk customers. 

The collaboration with CyberArk has been pivotal in enhancing Cyderes' capabilities to protect against ever-evolving cyber threats and has significantly bolstered Cyderes' offerings in Identity & Access Management, a foundational aspect of modern cyber defense strategies. 

Cyderes' success with CyberArk is a testament to its expertise in IAM. This partnership has enabled Cyderes to deliver cutting-edge solutions to its clients, further establishing its position as a leader in the industry. As CyberArk's North American Partner of the Year, Cyderes looks forward to continuing its fruitful collaboration, and delivering unparalleled protection to its clients. 

For more on this award, visit Cyderes' LinkedIn post here. 

To learn more about the CyberArk Partner Program, visit the CyberArk Partner Network site.

CyberArk Certified Advanced Partner