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Julie Talbot-Hubbard, Cyderes President of Services and COO, Joins WIT 2024 Advisory Council

Julie Talbot-Hubbard, Cyderes President of Services and COO, joins WIT 2024 Advisory Council.

Cyderes is proud to announce that our President of Services and COO, Julie Talbot-Hubbard, has been appointed to the prestigious Women In Technology (WIT) 2024 Advisory Council. Julie's appointment marks another significant milestone in her career, further emphasizing her commitment to fostering diversity and empowerment in the technology sector. 

Julie, who previously served on WIT's Advisory Council, brings much experience and insight to this role. Her extensive background in cybersecurity and technology leadership has made her an influential figure in the industry, and this role aligns with her passion for encouraging and supporting women in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math (STEAM). 

Women In Technology is known for its dedication to empowering girls and women in STEAM from the classroom to the boardroom. WIT has made a significant impact with over 20,000 members in Georgia and 50,000 worldwide, with more than 250 volunteers offering professional development and networking opportunities to students and professionals alike. 

Julie's involvement with WIT is not just a testament to her professional achievements but also to her dedication to making a difference in the lives of women and girls aspiring to careers in STEAM. As Cyderes celebrates this honor, we also reaffirm our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the cybersecurity industry. 

To learn more, visit the WIT website here and check out Cyderes' LinkedIn post about this exciting news here.