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20 Years of Cyber Awareness: A Journey to a More Secure Digital World

As we embark on the 20th year of Cyber Awareness Month, I want to share with you our unwavering commitment to this cause, and spotlight areas of focus for cyber professionals and organizations.

As we embark on the 20th year of Cyber Awareness Month, I’ve been reflecting on the incredible cybersecurity journey that Cyderes, and all of us, have been on. It’s a topic that has always held a special place in my heart, and today, I want to share with you our unwavering commitment to this cause.

The world around us is more digitally connected than ever before, but with this connectivity comes an increasing threat to our digital lives, businesses, and privacy. The questions often asked about cybersecurity are broad. As I shared during the Cyber Regulations Webinar, questions like “Are we secure? Are we protected?” should be cautiously approached. Your level of cybersecurity is relevant to your industry. It’s important to have a cohesive, proactive, and purposeful strategy specific to your organization. Cyber Awareness Month 2023 is a stark reminder of our challenges.

Cybersecurity isn’t just a buzzword at Cyderes; it’s a way of life. Each year, as October rolls around and the world gears up for Cyber Awareness Month, it’s essential to recognize that for us, it’s not about dedicating a single month to this critical issue. It’s about what we do every day, every hour, and every minute of the year to protect organizations from the ever-evolving threat landscape. 

Our dedication, resilience, and vision for a safer digital world remain a year-round commitment. Here are some key themes that I encourage organizations to think about as we head into the month.

Cyber risk and resilience

Cybersecurity has evolved to embrace a more holistic and proactive approach, emphasizing managing risks. While security initiatives will undoubtedly remain centered on safeguarding against cyber threats, an emerging trend highlights an augmented focus on cyber resilience. This approach goes beyond prevention to encompass meticulous planning for recovery and continuity in the aftermath of a security breach. 

The ability for security leaders to lead discussions on cybersecurity, showcasing its value, ROI, and achievements, is essential. As the 2023 Cyderes Cyber Conversations Report emphasized, “With security leaders now gaining a seat at the table alongside corporate leadership, it’s imperative that they maximize this opportunity by effectively advocating for cybersecurity initiatives.”

Proficiency in communicating ROI and priorities enables cyber leaders to instil confidence with stakeholders, drive informed decision-making, and ensure the organization’s security posture remains resilient in the face of evolving threats.In fact, 48% of cybersecurity leaders who demonstrate ROI are granted more autonomy and freedom within their role, underscoring the tangible benefits of effective leadership in this domain.

Fostering a proactive security culture

Incorporating security measures into the very foundation of an organization is crucial for fostering a safe and secure global community. Historically, cybersecurity was often considered an afterthought or a reactive measure. The modern approach integrates security into an organization’s operations, systems, and processes. 

This proactive “secure-by-design” approach ensures that security is not an add-on but a core component of products, services, and business practices. By aligning security strategy with critical business processes and decision-making, organizations enhance their overall risk posture and promote security as a business enabler.

CISOs are responsible for modern security needs, with the Zero Trust Security model being essential for countering evolving cyber threats. Zero Trust, based on the principle of “never trust, always verify,” treats every request similarly to those from an open network, requiring continuous validation of users and devices. This approach, coupled with granular access control and real-time monitoring, minimizes attack surfaces and prevents data breaches.

To establish a secure environment, it is crucial for employees to embrace a cybersecurity culture and prioritize security on a daily basis. This will help minimize the vulnerability caused by human error, which is often the weakest link in cybersecurity. I recommend adopting a few simple, proactive  measures to actively enhance security:

  • Creating strong passwords and using a password manager  
  • Enabling multi-factor authentication  
  • Updating your software  
  • Recognizing and reporting phishing attempts

This culture shift ensures that cybersecurity is not a standalone function but an integral part of the organization’s business. When all levels of an organization prioritize cybersecurity, it reduces the likelihood of human error and negligence that can lead to breaches, creating a more secure world.

Building a more secure world together

I am excited to build a more secure world through the work we are doing at Cyderes. We share a collective dedication to elevating cybersecurity standards across diverse industries, and this commitment drives our daily efforts.

I invite you to join us for an insightful webinar on October 26th. It’s not just another event—it’s an opportunity for you to engage directly with our thought leaders and technical experts who will address your burning questions on cybersecurity. 

To Your Success,

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