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White Paper: AppSec Evolution- Adapt to Meet Today’s Threats

Gain insight into the modern challenges in application security — and ways to address them

This white paper is authored by Shane Farris

With technology now entwined into the human experience, applications fill an integral role in our personal and professional lives. From mobile apps to web-based services, they facilitate communications, transactions and burgeoning data processing requirements.

Despite the sweeping benefits, however, the widespread use of applications has also resulted in complex, interdependent supply chains — ripe targets for cybercriminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. It’s true as ever in 2023 that robust application security (AppSec) measures are essential to combat such threats. Yet businesses of all sizes still struggle with:

  • Prioritizing and remediating security issues in applications
  • New vulnerabilities popping up
  • Implementing an AppSec program that continuously detects and fixes issues early in the development process
  • A shortage of security professionals needed to run an AppSec program
  • New compliance requirements, such as PCI DSS v4.0 and Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

Of course, the push to remain competitive — which means moving software from production to market as quickly as possible – exacerbates the challenges noted above. Modern businesses must balance fast code production with secure code development, no easy feat considering all the factors at play. And when it comes to the growing code factory attack surface, the numbers don’t lie; in 2022 alone, 26% of all breaches involved web application attacks, making them the second-most common vector for threat actors.

Application security is a critical aspect of any business’s cybersecurity and overall risk strategy. By adopting a proactive AppSec program and culture (that is, shifting left) to encompass secure coding practices, vulnerability monitoring, security testing, and adequate training, organizations can enhance the security posture of their applications and achieve compliance goals in one motion.

Given the tumultuous attack surface, continuous investment in AppSec measures is necessary to stay ahead of emerging threats and protect sensitive data. Prioritizing application security not only instills confidence among users, it ensures the long-term success and trustworthiness of applications in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Gain insight into the modern challenges in application security — and ways to address them

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The Cyderes AppSec team has 20 years of combined cybersecurity experience and holds Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Virtual Hacking Labs (VHL), GIAC Penetration Tester, Exploit Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester (GXPN) and Professional Google Cloud Professional Developer certifications.

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