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Simplifying Alert Prioritization: Introducing Dynamic Case Priorities

Learn about our new feature designed to rationalize alert and incident severities across hundreds of supported products, and simplify alert prioritization for our customers.

One of the most important roles of an organization’s SOC is to determine the severity of each alert that comes through. Alert prioritization is crucial to ensuring potential threats are handled with precedence. 

What if you could streamline alert and incident priorities, making life easier for SOC analysts, and enhancing your defense against emerging threats? At Cyderes, our team has successfully added a new feature to our technology platform to do just that. This feature will make life easier for SOC analysts by streamlining alert and incident priorities, increasing the level of readiness against emerging threats.

The Challenge: Taming the Wild World of Alert Prioritization

Imagine this: our Enterprise Managed Detection & Response (EMDR) service provides comprehensive support for a wide range of security and IT products, efficiently handling millions of alerts daily. However, there’s a challenge – each product comes with its own severity framework, making it quite a task to align priorities and effectively manage potential threats. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle with pieces that don’t quite fit together.

The diverse severity frameworks of these products create a fragmented landscape, where deciphering the true urgency of each alert becomes a daunting endeavor. 

The Solution: Dynamic Case Priorities to the Rescue

Our team of experts understands the frustration and inefficiency caused by this complex situation and is here to offer a solution. We’re thrilled to introduce our Dynamic Case Priority system. This smart tool takes those diverse vendor alerts and molds them into a unified priority model based on the potential impact and severity for you. It’s like having a personal alert organizer that speaks your language. This advanced technology integrates seamlessly with your existing security and IT products, creating a harmonious ecosystem where all the pieces fit together.

How It Works

Overview of Dynamic Case Prioritization

Here’s the magic behind the scenes: As alerts pour into our platform, our Dynamic Case Priority system goes to work. It swiftly sorts each alert using rules that align with our priority model. This means your delivery Squad gets alerts neatly organized for investigation – no more jumbled mess!

Supercharging Your Defenses

Our Dynamic Case Priorities also give our experts the edge to respond faster to emerging threats. We can give low priority alerts a temporary boost if they’re suddenly in the limelight of new attack campaigns. Once the dust settles, those alerts quietly return to their regular priority – no unnecessary distractions.

Custom-Tailored Just for You

We know one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we’ve designed Dynamic Case Priorities to be customizable to your organization. If our default model doesn’t quite hit the mark for your unique needs, fear not! You can work with our Customer Success Managers or Principal Analysts to fine-tune your priorities.

More Perks? You Bet!

We’ve also taken care of High-Value Targets – those crucial assets of yours receive special attention for faster investigation. Moreover, as the threat landscape evolves, so can your priorities. If those low-efficacy alerts suddenly become the focus of hacking attempts, we can amplify their importance.

In a Nutshell

We’ve unleashed a new system to revolutionize how you tackle threats. Dynamic Case Priorities take the headache out of managing alert severities, offering flexibility, customization, and agility in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity. It’s like having a trusty sidekick for your security squad to enhance your security posture. 

Ready to learn more about the powerful new feature we’ve added to our technology platform at Cyderes? Our Dynamic Case Priorities white paper expounds on the ways we’re enhancing our client’s defences against emerging threats.  

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